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AUDIO: TPD say woman calls 911 because her waffle isn't cooked

AUDIO: TPD say woman calls 911 because her waffle isn't cooked

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) – Tampa Police are releasing yet another 911 call for a non-emergency. This time, a woman calls 911 because she says her waffle isn't cooked all the way.

Recently the police department officials said they are trying to educate the public not to call 911 dispatchers for things not needing immediate attention.

The problem isn't new, according to police. but it's still happening. Tampa Police said approximately 50 percent of the calls they receive on 911 aren't emergencies. And people aren't just calling for non-emergencies, but also things even police can’t help them with. 

In the previously released audio clips below, one woman calls 911 because she tripped over a wire and wanted to file a report. Another man called because his key fob wasn’t working. Other examples include someone calling because they didn't want to drive over a bridge and someone who was upset at a restaurant.

Tampa Police want to remind everyone that if you need to call Tampa Police and it isn't an emergency, dial 813-231-6130. Save it in your phone today.

As for the consequences, police said they will pursue charges against a person who makes repeated calls to 911 for non-emergencies.

Photo Credit 970 WFLA/S. Parker

The following calls are from the Tampa Police youtube page.

911 uncooked waffle call

911 tripped over wire call

911 key fob not working call



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